Sally Hansen – Self-Made Beauty Industry Pioneer

Sally Hansen pic
Sally Hansen

An accomplished professional with a extensive experience in leadership and marketing, Celia Tombalakian is the vice president, Global and U.S. Marketing, at Coty, Inc., a manufacturer of beauty products. In that capacity, Celia Tombalakian manages Sally Hansen worldwide.

Sally Hansen, a household nail and beauty product brand, was established in 1946. The eponymous founder faded into obscurity after her death in 1963, leading to claims that she may not have actually existed. As Celia Tombalakian explained in an interview, consumers felt connected to the brand, leading to the heightened fascination surrounding the identity of Sally Hansen.

Celia Tombalakian explained that the company had previously tasked investigative journalists with unraveling the mystery, and, after a thorough search, they discovered that the woman behind the brand had been a beauty industry pioneer and innovator. Born in 1908, she went on to found a Beverly Hills dance school. Her accomplishments included directing Hollywood film ballet scenes. In 1935, she joined her family’s business, La Finne, a cosmetic and perfume company. She eventually became its vice president and went on to create the Sally Hansen brand.

Sally Hansen was one of the richest self-made women of her era. Celia Tombalakian commented that today the brand’s positioning today, “the power of self-made beauty,” is in line with the founder’s legacy and approach to life and business.

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