Personalized Products and the Future of the Beauty Industry


Celia Tombalakian
Celia Tombalakian

Since December 2017, Celia Tombalakian has worked for Coty as Vice President of Global & US Marketing. At Coty, she helps lead to new levels in beauty, consumer health, dermatology and medical aesthetic device sectors. Throughout her career, she has successfully led marketing and product development initiatives based on trends, consumer insights marketplace data. At Elizabeth Arden, Celia Tombalakian was charged with remaining apprised of the latest trends in adjacent industries as well which help shape those emerging in beauty.

As is the case in other areas of business, consumers of beauty products are starting to demand more options to meet their unique beauty and skin-care needs. In today’s Internet-driven world, information about seemingly every beauty product on the market can be located with a few simple taps and swipes on an iPhone. This increased access to information has created a more savvy and discerning consumer who isn’t always happy with the one-size-fits-all approach to product development.

In addition to adding more shades and customizable options to store shelves, beauty brands have started to meet consumer demand for personalization with the help of innovations in technology. While custom blends have been around for many years, companies like MatchCo, which was acquired by Japanese beauty giant Shiseido, have leveraged new technological advancements to give consumers the ability to create completely personalized products using their mobile device.

According to many leaders in the industry, customizable beauty is a trend that’s poised for longevity. Today, personalized treatment is driving various areas of the beauty market. In addition to makeup, consumers can customize shampoos and conditioners, fragrances, and skin-care products.

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