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A member of Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW), Celia Tombalakian is an experienced business executive in the cosmetics industry. Since December 2017, Celia Tombalakian has worked for Coty as Vice President of Global & US Marketing. At Coty, she helps lead to new levels in beauty, consumer health, dermatology and medical aesthetic device sectors. Before that she worked at Elizabeth Arden.

In recent years, Elizabeth Arden has been at the forefront of a corporate strategy that has been revolutionizing the way that huge companies have been doing business: listening to customer’s voices. It has been a buzzword among companies, with some even setting up extensive systems in order to listen better. The results have varied, however, with some companies having difficulty responding what they’ve been hearing.

Elizabeth Arden is one of the few companies that have successfully aligned its brand products and services to reflect customer’s voices. How do they do it? In getting insights, the company went beyond traditional focus groups and formed their own insider community as a means of on-going consumer engagement. The company has over 5,000 women representing their target market that greatly influence the direction of their future strategic decisions. With the consistent opinions and feedback from this group, the company has been able to make research-backed decisions on big and small matters as a means of staying relevant and providing consumers with what they really seek in beauty products.