Six Sigma Business Management Strategies

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Six Sigma

Since December 2017, Celia Tombalakian has worked for Coty as Vice President of Global & US Marketing. At Coty, she helps lead to new levels in beauty, consumer health, dermatology and medical aesthetic device sectors. A certified Six Sigma black belt, Celia Tombalakian has demonstrated great expertise in applying the Six Sigma management approach to unconventional areas such as marketing practices, ROI, consumer insights and launch excellence.

A model that has been successfully applied in the manufacturing and service sectors, Six Sigma uses collected data to identify, measure, and subsequently eliminate mistakes or “defects” in any organized process. A statistical representation, Six Sigma assigns a quantitative value to overall performance. To achieve Six Sigma status, a given process must produce fewer than 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

By adhering to Six Sigma principles, companies and organizations can develop a systematic methodology designed to eliminate each error. Key concepts of Six Sigma include capability (what a specific business process can deliver) and operations (what a business can do to achieve consistent, predictable results).